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Port position long 30°40/E
Port position LAT 31°19/N
MAX Draft 12 m
MAX LOA 300 m
MAX DWT 65000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export Grain
Main Import Amonia


Abu Qir port is under the control of the Egyptian Navy Forces, and also it is available for commercial vessels to berth in it, located East Side Alexandria city, situated approx. 20 km.


Five quays with a total length of 1500 m and depth alongside of 5 m. large vessels unloading grain are handled in Abu Qir Bay.

Bulk Cargo facilities: Grain silo, converted from a bulk carrier, permanently moored at the quayside in the harbor. Equipment includes convey or belts, cranes and an automatic packaging system for cereal.


Vessels proceeding to Abu Qir Bay from west should keep well to the N of Sultan Shoal and Culloden Reef.


Arrival buoys and turning buoys. Anchorage for large vessels can be obtained in Abu Qir Bay in a depth of 15 m


Port position long 29 o 52 / E
Port position LAT 31 o 11 / N
MAX Draft 10,9 m
MAX LOA 548m
MAX DWT 140,000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export General cargo, Oil products.
Main Import General cargo, dry bulk, liquid bulk
Terminal Type Container, Veg oil, Molasses, Grain, Coal, Petroleum.


Alexandria port is managed by the port authority of Alexandria and it consists of two main harbors, East harbor and West harbor which is a commercial in shipping and trades. There are two navigation channels, large strait 200 m long, 220 m wide &14m deep, while small strait is 1,600m long, 100m wide, &9m deep. Pilotage is required for vessels arrival & departure.

There are multipurpose terminals, approx. 27 terminals in the port they vary from 70m to 360 length and 5-11m draft, and 9 terminals for handling grain and bulk vary from 60m to 210m length and 5-11m draft.

Maximum Capacity 36.8 million ton/year details as follows:

  • General Cargo: 17.8 million ton.
  • Dry Bulk: 10.8 million ton.
  • Liquefied Bulk: 4.3 million ton.
  • Containerized Cargo: 3.9 million ton.
  • TEU Capacity: 500000


Port position long 29° 48' E
Port position LAT 31° 09' N
MAX Draft 18,8 m
MAX LOA 304,8m
MAX DWT 168000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export salt, soya & steel
Main Import coal, maize,pallet,scrap,soya
Terminal Type Iron Ore, Coal, Grain silos, Container


El Dekheila port is an extension port managed and super vised by Alexandria port authority, it’s located 7 km west Alexandria access channel 3-5 km long, dredged to a depth of 20 m, protected by break water 2.25km long, and there are 14 berths in it.

Maximum Capacity 22.1 million ton/year:

  • General Cargo: 10.2 million ton.
  • Dry Bulk: 3.4 million ton
  • Liquid Bulk: 3.5 million ton
  • Containerized Cargo: 5 million ton
  • TEU Capacity: 500000
  • Max. Ship Size: 168000 GRT
  • Max. Depth: 20 m
  • Working Hours: 24 hr. (scheduled time)

Port position long 45d 31/E
Port position LAT 31°29/N
MAX Draft 14,5m - 18m
MAX LOA 1000 m
MAX DWT 65000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export Agricultural products, Furniture, Fertile.
Main Import Cement, Grain


Damietta port is managed and supervised by Damietta port authority; it is located east Nile River, approx. 70 km west Portsaid. The port covers area of 9 km, covered by two breakwaters, and there are 14 berths and other berths for small vessels.

Port position long 32 o 21 E
Port position LAT 31 o 13 N
MAX Draft 16.5m
MAX LOA 400 m
MAX DWT 70,237 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export General Cargo
Main Import General Cargo
Terminal Type Container

East Port Said Port (Suez Canal Container Terminal) is a main International and domestic port situated at the northern entrance of the Suez Canal. It is known for its sheltered deep-water facilities with multi-purpose quays that allow it to accommodate large vessels; it is one of the world's top 40 busiest ports and growing. Proposed expansions, covering 26 km2, will provide a wide range of port and logistics development opportunities and increase the port's total area to 70 km2.

Maximum Capacity: 6 million ton/year as follows:

  • Berth length : 2.4 Km
  • First phase : 1200m + second phase 1200m
  • containerized cargo: 6 million tons
  • Containers: 2.2 million TEUs ,the volume of containers handled after the completion of the second phase reached 5.1 million TEU
  • Ship depth up to 14.5m is the maximum ship size that can be accommodated.
  • Working Hours: 24 Hours.

Port position long 32d 18/E
Port position LAT 31d 15/N
MAX Draft 13.20 m
MAX LOA 300 m
MAX DWT 68,000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export Cotton, Garments, Rice
Main Import Agricultural prod, Chemicals, Metals
Terminal Type Container, Dry Bulk, General Cargo


Port Said Port is managed by Port Said port Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone, Port Said port is located on the northern entrance of Suez Canal and it’s one of the important ports due to it critical position, it is a commercial trade channel linking Europe with East as well sheltered by breakwaters.

There is bypass channel built east of Port Said 17 km south Port Said to accommodate large vessels and vessels carrying dangerous cargo to the main port.

Maximum Capacity 12,175 million tons / year as follows:

  • General Cargo: 4, 9 million tons.
  • Dry bulk cargoes: 2, 54 million tons.
  • Containerized cargo: 4,735 million tons.
  • The number of TEU: 800000 TEUs.
  • Container Voiding Rate: 25 containers /hrs.
  • Max. Ship Size: 13.2 m. draft-vessels.
  • Working Hours 24 hours

Port position long 32° 33' E
Port position LAT 29° 58' N
MAX Draft 8,23m
MAX LOA 2070m
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export General Cargo
Main Import General Cargo
Terminal Type Multi-purpose


Suez port is managed by Red Sea Ports Authority of maritime transport sector; it is located on the northern part of Suez Gulf the southern gate of Suez Canal. It is bordered by an imaginary line extending from Ras Masala to Ras El-Sadat, the port is considered as anchorage area for vessels transiting Suez Canal.

Suez port consists of three ports Port Ibrahim(accommodating general cargo vessels and passenger vessels), New Harbor(accommodating tankers and livestock vessels) & Port Tewfiq(accommodating passenger vessels).

The Maximum Capacity:

  • 6.6 million tons (general cargo) yearly
  • 1.5 million Passenger yearly
  • Maximum Ship Received Vessels with draft 8 m
  • Working Hours :Throughout 24 hours (in 3 shifts)

Port position long 32° 28' E
Port position LAT 29° 52' N
MAX Draft 12,5 m
MAX LOA 200m
MAX DWT 68,000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export General Cargo
Main Import General Cargo
Terminal Type General Cargo, Chemicals, Palm oil


Adabiya port is managed by Suez Canal Economic Zone, which is located on the western shore of Suez 10km SW of Port Tewfik (Suez Docks). Accommodation: Consists of 10 berths: One used for cement, six quays for general cargo, and one quay for small craft.

 Maximum Capacity 7.93 Million Tones Yearly:

  • 5.13 million ton (General cargo).
  • 2.8 million ton (Dry Bulk).
  • Working Hours: Throughout 24 hours (in 3 shifts).



Port position long 32° 20' E
Port position LAT 29° 35' N
MAX Draft 17 m
MAX LOA 350 m
MAX DWT 150.000 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export General Cargo
Main Import General Cargo
Terminal Type General Cargo


Sokhna Port is managed by Suez Canal Economic Zone, it is located on the west coast of Suez Gulf, since 2002 it began commercial operations, in 2008 Sokhna port joined DP World as it is operating under the company’s Name. Sokhna port is considered the first comprehensive and multipurpose hub port. It comes under what is called "Third Generation ports" to serve export and import operations of general cargo, bulk and container handling. It is also equipped with ultimate technology.

 Maximum Capacity 8.5 million ton/year

  • General Cargo 4.75 million tons a year
  • Containerized cargo 3.75 million tons a year
  • TEU Capacity :400000 TEUS a year

Port position long 33° 56' E
Port position LAT 26° 44' N
MAX Draft 12,83m
MAX LOA 200 m
MAX DWT 70,237 mt
Time Zone GMT +2 (+/-hours)
Main Export Phosphate, food
Main Import Aluminum, Grain, Coal, florid, cars


Safaga port is managed by red sea port authorities, Safaga port is located on the western coast of red sea, the broad bay on a distance of 60km, the bay is naturally protected from winds by mountains, now it’s affected by south winds “El-Azeeb” which causes waves inside the port, the draft is deep that is available for large vessels.

Maximum Capacity 6.37 million tons/year:

  • 2.2 million tons (General Cargo)
  • 4.17 .million tons (dry bulk)
  • 750000 passengers
  • Max Ship Depth that can be accommodated reaches 14m.
  • Working Hours: Throughout 24 hours



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