STS & Marine Salvage

Ship to Ship Operations:

STS transfer operation is an operation where crude oil/petroleum products/gases are transferred between seagoing ships alongside each other, this operations take place at port, anchorage areas or underway. The overall safety of any STS operation depends on the experience and trained team handling the situation and by planning and using the best equipment.

Our commitment for ship to ship transfer industry, we are in very professional relationship with ports authorities, services and terminal operator providers, so we ensure well plans to serve the transfer of ship operations. Our goal is to do the fastest operations with minimum port stay time and costs through qualified team who understands vessels principles.

SSA has a great experience in ship to ship transfer of crude oil & gas, we provides this service by multinational company whom are experts in that field, all operations are handled by their technical team and our operations team in assistance by offering all supplies needed in the operation such as hoses, fenders, support craft, standby boats, crew boats, supply boats, mobilization and demobilization 24/7.

We provide:

  • Liquid cargo handling.
  • Barging services.
  • Cargo Loss Control.
  • Cargo (Liquid) Filtration.
  • Bunker Survey.
  • Debunkering.
  • Fire Fighting Equipment.
  • Pumps and Powerpacks.
  • Salvage Support.



Whenever a ship faces an incident, SSA is always ready to take action as soon as the agents or authority call us, we are available 24/7, we react very quickly with our clients by handling the situation by very experienced salvage masters and naval architect engineers, so they act accordingly to collision to protect your people and reduce the extent of causality.

SSA emergency response is coming from the high connection with the best International salvage company in the world that is responsible to handle any incident anywhere by its professional salvage team.


  1. Emergency Response.
  2. Preparedness.
  3. Decommissioning.
  4. Subsea Services.
  5. Wreck Removal.

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